Steps For Correcting Small Plaster Imperfections

The walls of your home add to the style and aesthetic appeal of any room. This means that even slight plaster imperfections on the walls can be a major eyesore. Plaster is a material that is designed to offer durability and looks ideal on wall surfaces, but it is unavoidable that small cracks will appear over time. Repairing minor plaster imperfections on your walls is not as complex as you might assume.

Paint Doesn't Cover Plaster Cracks

You might assume a latex-based paint is the perfect solution for small cracks in plaster. No matter the colour of the latex paint, it does have the ability to hide plaster cracks initially. The only downside is that painting over the cracks is not a long-term solution. Painting might enable you to cover the cracks effectively for as long as a few months or it might only hide plaster cracks for a few hours. This means that painting over cracks is not sufficient enough for plaster repair.

Enlarge the Crack

This might seem like an illogical way to handle a repair, but making a small crack in plaster larger is the best way to correct it long-term. You will need to use a utility knife or a similar type of tool to make the crack more pronounced . This involves getting rid of all the loose plaster surrounding the crack and making a crack that is clean. You want all the lines to be straight and not rigid. Make sure that all dust is removed after you have cut away at the crack.

Applying Plaster

All you have to do once you have created a crack that is more evenly lined is mix and apply plaster to the wall. Be sure to use a paintbrush that is wet when you go to apply the plaster onto the wall. Apply it smoothly and evenly and be sure to scrape away any excess plaster.

Sand it Down

Once you have let the applied plaster dry for about one day, you can then sand down the surface where you applied the plaster. This allows for a more even finish. If you are dealing with a troublesome crack that is still slightly noticeable, you can apply one more coat of plaster. However, once the wall looks sufficiently repaired it is possible to repaint the wall and no crack will be present. Using plaster to fix cracks within the wall is one of the most effective methods and allows for lasting results.

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