Ideal Interior Paint Finishes for Body Corporate Buildings

There are diverse types of body corporate properties including residential apartment units, townhouse complexes and combined residential and commercial spaces. These are beneficial as long-term investments because they allow part-ownership of a building without exorbitant initial costs. Moreover, you will enjoy community living and shared responsibility with regard to general caretaking and maintenance.

Interior painting and finishing is one of the essential tasks in the upkeep of spaces such as offices, apartments and even retail spaces. The coatings will provide protection to the wall structure and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the rooms. As an owner and a part of the body corporate, it is important for you to understand the appropriate indoor paint options. This will help you choose the most ideal finishes for different types of property spaces when you're making changes.

Matte Finish

The matte paint finish is also referred to as flat finish and it is ideal for most interior walls. The appearance of the surface after application is dull and uniform because this finish is not reflective. If your body corporate complex is old and requires refurbishment, this is the best choice. The lack of sheen and general gloss allows the finish to hide imperfections such as cracks and bumps. Unfortunately, the surface is harder to clean so it should not be used in areas which are prone to staining.

Eggshell Finish

Eggshell finishes are designed to provide a little shine and an understated gloss when compared to the matte or flat finish. This material is suitable because it can be cleaned somewhat easily when such a task is unavoidable. The paint finish is perfect for use on wooden surfaces such as panelling in interior spaces as well as on previously painted wall surfaces.

Satin Finish

Satin finish is glossier than the eggshell variant and it has a velvety appearance. It is used as general wall paint in potentially demanding areas in body corporate structures. For instance, the paint can be applied on bathroom and kitchen walls because it is relatively easy to clean and it will not highlight imperfections. You can also order this type of finish from your body corporate painters for ceilings and window trims.

Gloss and Semi-Gloss Finishes

Gloss and semi-gloss finishes are both highly reflective though the latter is more subdued. These coats are highly durable so they are suitable for interior commercial spaces. Additionally, the surface is highly cleanable so it can be used in wet and high-traffic areas. On the other hand, the finish will highlight surface flaws so use it with reserve.

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