Four Benefits to Hiring Someone to Do Concrete Cancer Repairs on Your Factory Floor

If the concrete floor of your factory is starting to look rusted, pock marked or flakey, you may need to contact a concrete cancer repair person. In addition to fixing the immediate damage, working with one of these professionals offers a range of other benefits. Take a look at how concrete cancer repairs can help your business:

1. Preventing the issue from getting worse

When concrete starts to pit or cancer, it's often because the rebar supporting the concrete has started to rust, and the damage has migrated up to the concrete. This can be caused by a number of issues, most of which happen during installation, such as not enough concrete or the wrong distance between the rebar and the concrete's surface.

In some cases, these marks may look simply cosmetic, but they can affect the integrity of the entire floor. If you don't address it, the damage may spread, potentially ruining or cracking the entire concrete slab and forcing you to get a new one.

A repair person can help you fix the damage and stem it from spreading. They can also help you determine if you should remove the floor and replace the underlying rebar so that the issue doesn't keep occurring.

2. Improving the safety of your floor

In a factory environment, you don't want to risk injuries, and cracks, pock marks or cancers can be a tripping hazard. This is especially true as the damage gets worse. Fixing your floor helps improve the safety of your employees, and it also protects you from a liability standpoint. Imagine you didn't fix the floor and someone got hurt. Then, they took you to court and argued that you knew about the damage and failed to act. In a case like that, you could be judged as negligent.

3. Making it easier to use equipment

In addition to making the environment safer for your employees, you also make it safer for your equipment. In particular, if you are rolling carts with caster wheels or driving forklifts across the floor, smoothing and repairing the concrete makes it easier for these items to move.

4. Reflecting your brand

If you ever give a tour of your factory or take pictures of your operations for a public relations campaign, you need to ensure that your floor reflects your brand. If it's pock marked or damaged, it reflects poorly on your company, but if it's shiny and in great condition, it reflects positively on your business.

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