Timeworn Colour | Get Your Small Business Office Walls Ready For Painting In 3 Easy Steps Without Hurting Productivity

Running a small office can be hard for any business owner, but it can be especially tough when employee morale is low in an outdated and worn out environment. This guide will help you get your office walls ready for painting in 3 easy strides... without disturbing the productivity of your employees.

Book The Painters To Arrive On A Weekend

If you decide to get your painting done on a weekday, you're bound to hurt productivity because of the amount of distractions involved during the painting process. The best thing for you to do is to book the paints to arrive and finish the painting job on the weekend if your office isn't too large. Depending on the size of your workforce and the type of business you run, you can even relocate employees by renting out a business centre or a temporary office room for a few days until the job is complete. This will help you continue your daily operations without much interruption. Painters typically charge anywhere from $18 to $40 per hour, but you may have to shell out more for weekend work depending on who you hire. 

Get The Office Ready For Painting

Make sure that all the furniture and computer systems are properly covered before the painters start their job, or you will end up with a massive mess for no reason. You may also need to temporarily rent a storage unit to keep all your office items in until the paint job is complete. Getting the office ready on your own will eat into daily work time, so let the painters do the job instead. While most painters do the preparation work, you (or your office manager) should ideally be around to supervise to ensure that everything is properly covered before the walls are scraped and smoothed out. The rest of your office members can go about their daily routine wherever they are working from.

Choose Paint Colours That Stimulate Efficiency

A recent study revealed that certain colours like grey, white and beige invoke feelings of depression in women, while men experience similar feelings with colours like orange and purple. Soothing colours like green and blue have been known to stimulate productivity and efficiency, which is why they are excellent colour choices for your office. Yellow kindles ingenuity, which is a good choice for offices engaged in producing creative work like marketing or advertising campaigns. Now you and your team members don't have to waste much time choosing the right paint colours for your office because they've been clearly laid out for you.

Getting your office walls ready for painting takes some effort, but you can do it without hurting employee productivity when you follow these steps.