Which Colours Are Best For Your Office Space?

Whether you're renovating an old office space or setting a new one up for the first time, it's important to give some thought to the colours and styles you use. You might think white or off-whites are always the best choice in a setting like this--but that's often not the case, and there are plenty of other options you should consider. Read on to learn a little more about some of the alternative colours you could pick, and why they're well worth discussing with your commercially contracted painters and decorators.

Blues, Greens & Water Tones

Undersea themes are a popular choice in offices for a good reason: there's some evidence to suggest that blues and other water colours have a calming, soothing and energising effect on the people around them. This makes them the perfect choice for motivating yourself and your employees right through the working day! Colours like this can also have de-stressing properties, and--as any business owner knows--all working environments can get a little tense and highly strung from time to time. Team your blues and greens with other watery decor to really enhance the effect.

Greens, Browns, Ochres & Earth Tones

If you need a classic, timeless look to evoke a sense of tradition and class, you can't go wrong with dark polished wood and earth tones. At the other end of the scale, relaxed companies specialising in eco-friendly or health-conscious products might want to take the earth tone route with light woods and a rustic feel.

Oranges, Yellows & Vibrant Brights

Young start-up tech companies and other fresh, funky businesses of that type can do a lot worse than to go for a bright, bold office painted in the kind of strong vibrant colours that make an impression right away. You might like to combine tones such as these with stark white feature walls to smooth the look out a little, and in general if you're going this way it's a good idea to keep everything as modern as possible so that it still comes across as being a professional space.

Colours To Avoid

Reds, purples and greys are often fantastic additions to a domestic space, but they're not necessarily right for an office. Red seems to evoke stronger emotions of the kind not necessarily welcome in a working environment, purples and deep jewel tones can seem a little gloomy and soporific and there's something unhelpfully depressing about sitting in a grey room!