Reasons to Paint Your Home's Exterior

You might be wondering whether painting your home's exterior is worth the effort. Such a project will provide many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. To discover reasons to go ahead with such an upgrade, read on.

Improve the Curb Appeal and Attract Buyers

A fresh coat of paint on your home's exterior will improve the curb appeal. The curb appeal is not so much about how you see your home but about how strangers and visitors perceive it from the street. If you're selling, first impressions are vital. A freshly repainted house could encourage potential buyers to step inside and explore further rather than taking one glance and driving on. Ultimately, this can help to push up competition for the property.

Enhance the Facade for Yourself

Even if you're not selling, painting your home's exterior will create a beautiful facade that you can be proud of every time you pull into the driveway. If you're wondering what colours to pick, you could stick to the rule of three, which suggests one colour for the exterior walls, a second hue for the roof, and a third colour for the trim. If you're not painting the roof, choose a contrasting hue for the walls to add interest. By staying with a three-colour limit, you'll ensure that your home won't look too busy.

Also, remember to check your chosen colour in direct sunlight — otherwise, you may be disappointed. Sunshine tends to make colours look paler than otherwise. To counteract this effect, you could select a colour several shades darker than your preference. Your exterior painter can advise you on the best options.

Protect the Siding

Exterior paints also help protect the siding, whether it's timber, aluminium, brick, or other material. Paints contain UV filters which shield buildings from the harsh sun. Plus, paint helps to prevent rain from infiltrating the walls. Waterproofing is vital for weatherboard cladding, in particular, which can rot and warp if water gets inside. Exterior paint effectively functions as a sealant to protect the planks. Plus, it will keep termites out. These insects can destroy wood, but you can prevent this with a new exterior painting project. Regardless of the material, you'll extend the life of the siding, which could save you thousands in the long run.

Thus, repainting your home will improve the facade, both for yourself and others. The benefits are not only cosmetic, though. Paint also will help to guard the siding against weathering and extend its lifespan.

To learn more, contact an exterior painter.