Things You Can Achieve with a House Painting Project

Of course, you can totally transform the look of a room by painting the walls and ceiling a different colour. But you can also achieve other goals using paint. Here are two possibilities.

Make a Room Look Bigger

Do you have a compact room that you want to look bigger? You may have thought about knocking down walls and opening up the area. But that will require significant construction. Instead, use wall and ceiling paint colours to evoke spaciousness.

Pale cool colours are best to achieve this, such as soft beige, blue, grey, or green. Pale hues reflect more light than darker colours, giving a sense of more room. Plus, cool shades like blue and green visually recede and make walls appear further away. Warm colours like tan and orange give the impression that the surfaces are closer.

Another aspect to bear in mind when using colour to expand a room visually is to avoid strong contrasts. If the wall colour contrasts strongly against the ceiling, it will attract attention and make you notice the room boundaries. In a small room, this is the opposite of what you want.

On the other hand, a ceiling a couple of shades lighter than the pale walls will create a seamless flow. As a result, you won't even tend to focus on these surfaces.

Add Visual Interest

If you have a drab room, you might want to make it more appealing and inviting. This may lead you to consider new flooring or furniture. However, why not paint an accent wall instead? This kind of upgrade is much easier than other improvements, as you'll simply need to move the furniture away from the wall that's being painted.

The hardest part is choosing the wall and the paint colour. The best wall will depend on your actual room. But often, it's a blank wall without any architectural details like windows or doors. It might be the backdrop to a central furniture piece such as a bed or sofa.

For colour, you could go for a dramatically darker shade than the other walls, or look at the different hues in the room decor and echo one of those.

An accent wall can help balance out the proportions of a long, skinny room. If you accent one of the short walls, it will attract attention and draw it closer, so the room will feel squarer overall. If you use a long wall as an accent, it can make the room appear even longer and possibly unbalanced.